Why I Can't Connect an X Control to a Terminal of the Connector Pane?

Updated May 9, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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I have an X Control and I want to be able to assign a terminal in the Connector Pane to it. Every time that I follow the normal process, LabVIEW doesn't assign the terminal to my control. Why is this happening?


When you have an XControl, the regular process wouldn't work to assign a terminal in the Connector Pane to a control. In this case you will need to unlock the library that is built when you create an X Control.

To unlock the library, right-clicking on the XControl library and select Unlock the Library for Editing. This will show the XControls as broken in the Front Panel of your VI (this will cause the XControl and the VI to be unusable until you re-lock the library). At this moment you should be able to assign a terminal to the XControl using the normal process.

To re-lock the library righ-click the XControl Library and select Apply Changes to Instances


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