Exporting the Sample Clock on a Scope/Digitizer

Updated Jun 25, 2019

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  • PXI-5122

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How can I export the sample clock from my National Instruments scope/digitizer device?


You can use the niScope Export Signal VI to export a variety of signals, including the sample clock, from your scope device. Include this VI along with other NI-SCOPE configuration settings in your LabVIEW application. You can select what signal you want to export and the device terminal from which it will be exported.

Here is a list of the signals that can be exported with this VI:
  • Reference Trigger
  • Start Trigger
  • End of Acquisition
  • End of Record
  • Record Advance
  • Ready for Record Advance
  • Ready for Start
  • Ready for Reference Trigger
  • Reference Clock
  • Sample Clock
  • 5 Volt Power
You can export the above signals from any of the terminals below (provided your specific device has these terminals):
  • PXI Trigger Line 0/RTSI 0
  • PXI Trigger Line 1/RTSI 1
  • PXI Trigger Line 2/RTSI 2
  • PXI Trigger Line 3/RTSI 3
  • PXI Trigger Line 4/RTSI 4
  • PXI Trigger Line 5/RTSI 5
  • PXI Trigger Line 6/RTSI 6
  • PXI Trigger Line 7/RTSI 7 (RTSI Clock)
  • PXI Star Trigger
  • PFI 0
  • PFI 1
  • PFI 2
  • Clock Out

Additional Information

For additional information, refer to the niScope Export Signal VI's help documentation provided in the Related Links section of this document.


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