Archived:How Do I Install VISA on my Linux Machine?

Updated May 16, 2019

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I'm having issues installing VISA on my Linux Machine.  How do I do this?


This document only applies to versions of NI software released prior to NI Linux Device Drivers. For new designs, NI recommends using NI Linux Device Drivers to take advantage of repository-based installation and more frequent updates to support.
  • On the download page for NI-VISA, navigate to the readme.txt file under supporting files, for example,
  • You can find this information in the readme.txt file on system requirements.  Check the system requirements to make sure that NI-VISA is compatible with your version of Linux.  
  • There are instructions for installing VISA from the internet in the readme.txt.  In the step where it asks you to mount the ISO image by typing  "mount -o loop <iso-location>/NI-VISA-#.#.#.iso <mount-location>" into the terminal (command prompt) window, make sure to change the "<iso-location>" to the directory where your iso image is located, "<mount-location>" to the directory where your mount location is located, and "#.#.#." to the version of NI-VISA that you are installing. If you copy and paste this as is, and do not change these, you will run into issues and may not be able to successfully install VISA.


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