Error -50152: "A Hardware Failure Has Occurred"

Updated Mar 30, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-4300
  • PXIe-4302
  • PXIe-4357
  • PXIe-4303
  • PXIe-4353
  • PXIe-8301
  • PXI-4110


  • NI-DAQmx
  • NI-DCPower

Issue Details

When I try to run a test with my card or launch Test Panels in NI MAX, I receive an error similar to what is shown below:

Error -50152 occurred at XXXX
Possible reason(s):
A hardware failure has occurred. The operation could not be completed as specified. 


  • Reset NI MAX Configuration and test with a finite or continuous task in NI MAX.
  • If the Chassis is operating via a MXIe connection to a host PC, install the BIOS Compatibility software .
    • Before creating any changes in the BIOS or installing the BIOS Compatibility software, make a backup or restore point for your computer.
    • Before or after installing the BIOS Compatibility Software, set the DIP switch 1 of your MXI Card to the ON position. Do not set any other switch to the ON position.
  • Try changing PCI/PCIe slots inside the computer.
  • Try changing the card to a different slot in the PXI chassis.
  • Verify other cards in the system can perform continuous or finite acquisition. If they cannot, reinstall their drivers. 
  • If using a Thunderbolt MXIe Expansion, try the steps outlined in the following Knowledgebase article: Driver Verifier DMA Violation Blue Screen With MXIe or Thunderbolt Modules

Additional Information

BIOS enumeration issues can lead to cards not functioning correctly in PXI Chassis as is explained in Understanding MXI-Express Enumeration and Compatibility .