NI Hardware Missing UL Certification Document

Updated Feb 8, 2019

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  • USB-6211

Issue Details

  • I am trying to locate the UL E-File for a NI piece of hardware however I cannot find the file online. Where is the file and is the NI hardware certified for use?
  • I am trying to locate the UL E-File for a piece of NI Hardware but cannot find it. The specification indicates that the product is UL Certified, where can I find a copy of the certification?


  1. Start by searching for the certifications page for your specific NI product. Try searching our Product Certification page for your product.
  2. If your desired certification is not listed under the product's page it is not certified. If your product is listed as certified but is missing the documentation, it may be due to the specified hardware being a low voltage device. NI-6211 is a good example of this and is listed in the additional information section.

Additional Information

An example of where a device is UL compliant but an E-File is not available is the NI-6211 device. As NI-6211 is a low voltage device, we have chosen not to outsource testing for UL specification but we can confirm that the product does meet UL standards. The NI declaration of conformity explicitly states in the supplementary information that the product is UL compliant and explains the standards available for NI-6211.


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