Cannot Ping or Find cRIO After Thunderstorm Other Network Devices Work

Updated Apr 23, 2018

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  • CompactRIO Controller

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I have multiple CompactRIOs (cRIOs) that all run the same program and have been running without issue for the past half-plus year.  However, after a recent thunderstorm I was unable to find any of the cRIOs on the network via NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX) or even by pinging them via the command prompt.  All the other network devices connected on the same network didn't have issues.  There may have been a period of rolling brownout but there was never a complete blackout because the main power supply for the facility has backup power.  I was able to recover all of the cRIOs just by physically pressing the reset button on the cRIO.  How did the cRIOs end up in this state where they required a physical reset?  How can I prevent this in the future?


There are a number of potential causes that could cause a cRIO to be turned on but not able to communicate over the network:
  • Program on the cRIO entered a bad state
  • cRIO entered a bad state from code crash(es)
  • cRIO entered a bad state from bad boot up
There are a few things that can be done to prevent this behavior:

Additional Information

You can check the LED status LED on the cRIO controller to determine what state the cRIO is in.  This can give you a clue into what may have caused the cRIO's network unresponsiveness.  

If the cRIO continuously enters a bad state even without power issues, you may want to add logging into the program to see where in your program the problem may be occurring.  You can also check error logs on the cRIO if you are getting cRIO crashes.


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