Can't Connect to the Web Interface for Real-Time Targets

Updated Sep 28, 2018

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Controller
  • CompactDAQ Controller
  • PXI Controller
  • roboRIO

Issue Details

  • When trying to connect to the web interface on my cRIO, I get a 404 error.  I can still access my cRIO thought MAX or through a LabVIEW project, however.
  • The web page is blank when I try to connect to the Web-Based Monitoring and Configuration for my Rral-Time target (cRIO, sbRIO, roboRIO, Embedded cDAQ).


  1. Go to NI MAX, and find your target's page (cRIO, sbRIO, roboRIO, Embedded cDAQ). Make sure you have installed the "NI Web-Based Monitoring and Configuration". See more about this process here: Installing Different Versions of Software on My Real-Time Target.

  2. Right click on the target in NI MAX and select Web Configuration. The site must open in a browser compatible with Silverlight (usually Internet Explorer). Note how the URL is a .local address.

  3. Make sure you can ping the device, you can try first with the .local address that the Web Interface uses, and with the device's IP. (for targets connected by USB the default IP is
    1. To ping the device, open the Windows Command Line (typing cmd into the windows start menu search bar) and then writing ping <your device's address>.

  4. If you do can ping the device's IP address, enter the IP address in the Internet Explorer's URL bar. The Web Interface should come up this way. If you see troubles, continue with the next steps.
  5. Try running Internet Explorer as an administrator (right click on the program and select Run as Administrator).

  6. Make sure there are no firewalls or antivirus blocking the program from connecting to the Real-Time target's address.

Additional Information

The embedded web server on the Real-Time targets requires using a browser which supports Silverlight. Note that Google Chrome has removed Silverlight support, and Microsoft Edge does not have it either. NI recommends using Internet Explorer.


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