Extending the Evaluation Period of NI Software

Updated Aug 21, 2019

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  • NI License Manager

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I am using an evaluation version of National Instruments software, but the evaluation expires soon. Can I extend that evaluation period? What is the process to do it?


You can visit the online Extending Your Evaluation portal to extend the evaluation period of some NI software. On this portal, you can also find and browse the complete list of NI software that has evaluation extensions available. For software that has evaluation extension available, you can also use NI License Manager to extend the evaluation period. Complete the below steps to extend the evaluation period for 45 days using NI License Manager.
  1. Launch the product you are evaluating.
  2. When the Activation Wizard window appears, click Log In
  1. Log into your National Instruments User Account. If you do not have an account, you will be given the option to create one.
  1. Either click Extend Evaluation or click Yes if prompted to extend the evaluation period.
  1. Follow the remaining prompts in the NI Evaluation Wizard to complete the process.

Additional Information

If you are attempting to extend an evaluation period using an activation code, refer to the article Activating National Instruments Software Products to complete the software activation.