Using DIAdem Cursors to Filter the Data Displayed on an Orbit Chart

Updated Sep 6, 2018

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I am doing rotating shaft analysis, to do this I use a file containing tons of records from a weekly basis. For some cases I would like to zoom into the full data set so that we can focus the analysis to certain portions. Could I use the cursors to filter my data of focus before adding it to my orbit chart? 


To do this, you can load your full data set in a 2D axis system and using the Band Cursor you can select your data of interest.
Once you have selected your data of interest, if you would like to load this specific portion to an orbit chart, you would have to create another channel containing just this portion of the data. You can do this by setting flags to that section. You can set or Remove Flags on a 2D axis system by clicking on the icons below:

Once we have flagged the section of interest, we can proceed to create the other channel containing just the selected group of data. To do this, we can use the Flags:Copy Data Points function As shown in the picture below

Additional Information

If you would like to automate this process using DIAdem Script, you can cut the data points based on the cursors position. Using the cursors coordinates you can filter the data into another channel using the DataBICopy command.


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