Camera Attributes Reset on My Digital Camera after IMAQ Start VI

Updated Jul 28, 2023

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  • Camera


  • DevSuite Image and Vision Acquisition
  • LabVIEW
  • Vision Development Module


  • Vision Acquisition Software

Issue Details

I am using IMAQ Serial to change the settings on my CameraLink or my Parallel Digital camera. I know that my settings are taking effect on the camera, but why does the IMAQ driver reset some or all of the settings when my program runs IMAQ


This is expected behavior.

The IMAQ Start VI initializes the camera with the settings picked in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). If these settings are the same settings you are manipulating with IMAQ Serial Write, then they will be overwritten. There are two ways to avoid this complication:

1. Use the IMAQ Set Camera Attribute VI to change all of the possible settings from MAX and only use the IMAQ Serial Write VI to change the remaining inaccessible settings.

2. In MAX, go to the Camera Attributes tab for your camera. Uncheck the "Enable Serial Commands" checkbox and then click Save. Doing this will prevent the IMAQ Start VI from being able to automatically initialize the camera with settings from MAX. This method will allow you to exclusively use the IMAQ Serial Write VI without resetting camera settings.