Editing the Context Help of XControl Properties in LabVIEW

Updated Nov 6, 2023

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  • LabVIEW Professional

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I am using XControl properties in LabVIEW and would like to edit the context help. How can I do this? 


You can edit the context help of XControl property nodes by follow these steps:

If Using VI Property VIs:
  1. Navigate through the tree in the LabVIEW project to the specific property vi you want to add context help
  2. Right click the vi and select properties
  3. Change the category to Documentation 
  4. Edit the VI Description field to edit the help text seen for that vi

If Using a Strictly Linked XControl Property Node
  1. Right-click on the Xcontrol project folder in the project explorer and select Properties
  2. Navigate to the Item Settings Category
  3. Navigate in the Contents section to the property you want to add help text to
  4. Edit the Description field to edit the context help