Export DIAdem Data into CSV File

Updated Oct 23, 2020



  • DIAdem

When I export my data from the Data Portal in DIAdem, it exports by default into a TDMS file. How can I export it into a CSV file?

Export Manually:
  1. Go to DIAdem NAVIGATOR panel
  2. Select File > Save as
  3. Select the file type Textfile - Export (*.csv).
  4. Click Save

Automate Export Via Scripting:

Add the following to your DIAdem script.
FilePath = "C:\NameOfFile.csv"
Delimiter = ","
FileParameters = "<filename>"&FilePath&"</filename>"&"<delimiter>"&Delimiter&"</delimiter>"
Call DataFileSave(FileParameters,"CSV")

If the above parameters don't work for any reason, you can also manually export the data and record your steps to the script. If you want to do this follow these steps.

1. Go to the SCRIPT panel 
2. Click the Enable Recording Mode on the top tool bar. DIAdem will start recording every step you make and write the correlating steps in the script. 
3. Go to the NAVIGATOR panel 
4. Click File > Save As... > select the file type Textfile - Export (*.csv) > Save