EDAC MC0 Error on a Linux PXIe-8880

Updated Oct 15, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-8880 Memory
  • PXIe-8880

Operating System

  • Linux

Issue Details

I am receiving a Linux error when using an 8880 with a Linux OS.

EDAC MC0: 1 CE memory read error on CPU_SrcID#0_Ha#0_Chan#1_DIMM#0 (channel:1 slot:0 page:0x16db83 offset:0xf80 grain:32 syncdrom:0x0 – area:DRAM err_code:0001:0091 socket:0 ha:0 channel_mask:2 rank:1)

How do I solve this error?


This error points to MC0 and DIMM0 on the device which is related to one of the RAM cards.
  1. To confirm that this issue is with the RAM card remove the RAM card corresponding to DIMM0 on the device. On the 8880, this is one of the external add-on RAM cards. See What Physical Slot Corresponds to Each DIMM Number on the PXIe-8880? for more information.
  2. If the affected RAM is internal to the device, send it in for repair.
  3. If the error no longer occurs, then try replacing the RAM card back into the slot. Sometimes reseating the card can fix the issue.
  4. If the error occurs after reseating the RAM card, replace the RAM card or send the device in for repair.