Can I Read Raw Measurement Voltages Between Coils on the PXIe-4340?

Updated Nov 30, 2023

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  • PXIe-4340


  • LabVIEW Professional


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I have a 5-wire connection to an LVDT. Can I read the (AI+ to CT) and (AI- to CT) voltages from the PXIe-4340 in NI-DAQmx using LabVIEW?


There is no way to obtain the values of the raw voltages between the two coils in LabVIEW. Our driver will calculate and return position values when you use an LVDT DAQmx task.

In some cases, you may be able to gather the information needed by working backwards through the equation that provides displacement. Note, even when connected in a 5-wire or 6-wire configuration, the PXIe-4340 always uses the displacement equation for a 4-wire configuration because the center tap wires are  not utilized by the PXIe-4340. The equation is as follows:
D = (V- V2)/(Vex * Sensitivity)
D is the displacement, Vand Vare measured at the LVDT, and Vex is the excitation voltage.

Additional Information

For a 5-wire LVDT/RVDT you need to recalculate the sensitivity,if not you are going to get the wrong measurements.

To recalculate the sensitivity follow the equation below:

                                                                                                Sensitivity = (V- V2) / (Vex* D)

D is the displacement in degrees, Vand Vare measured at the LVDT, and Vex is the excitation voltage