Is Impedance Matching a Concern When Connected to an IEPE Sensor?

Updated Oct 15, 2018

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  • C Series Sound and Vibration Input Module
  • PXI Sound and Vibration Module

Issue Details

I am using a sound and vibration input module to collect data from an IEPE sensor. Do I need to be concerned about matching to the impedance of my cable to the input impedance of my module?


No, impedance matching is not a concern when collecting data from IEPE sensors connected to sound and vibration modules, like the NI-9234. The maximum sampling rate of these cards is low enough that any reflections that do occur will be negligible. 

Additional Information

Impedance matching is a concern for high-frequency signals that are carried on transmission lines of significant length. The presence of impedance discontinuities or mismatches will degrade the amplitude and phase accuracy, as well as the temporal fidelity, of measurements made with a digitizer. 


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