Option in Resolve Load Conflict Dialog Box Greyed Out

Updated Apr 25, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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I have an older version of a 3rd party driver in the shared network drive and a current version of the driver on my local drive. I received a project that uses the older drivers and when opening the VI, it gives me a conflict box and the option to chose which driver I want to use. However, the option for choosing the current diver version is greyed out. Is there a way to reroute the pathway for the drivers location so I can use the new drivers?


A reason why the Resolve Load Conflict Dialog Box shows up is because the LabVIEW VI has a saved pathway for the drivers in the memory and when LabVIEW first opens up, it looks in the instr.lib folder for drivers. If these two pathways are not the same, the user can get the conflict dialog box.

There is currently not a way to reroute the pathways for driver locations, but there are some steps that can be taken for LabVIEW to recognize the drivers separately and update the code in the VI.
  • Renaming the drivers so that they are not the same name can allow for both to be visible in the Instrument I/O pallet.
  • Moving the location network drive instrument drivers to another place so that LabVIEW cannot find and recognize the old driver versions anymore.
  • Manually replace the old drivers with the new drivers can allow for the VI so save the new pallet pathway in memory once the old drivers are not involved.


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