Hide Serial Numbers in NI License Manager

Updated Jul 17, 2018

Reported In


  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

I am activating LabVIEW (or another NI product) and I do not want the Serial Number to be visible in NI License Manager (NILM). The serial number is appearing when either using the serial code to activate the product or when using an activation code generated online.


NI License Manager (NILM) is inputting a code stored in the machine's registry into NI License Manager when activating the product. This is why the Serial Number is appearing despite using activation codes generated online.

There are two main methods used to bypass this problem:
  1. Contact National Instruments Technical Support Team and they can provide a code which is not linked to a Serial Number
  2. When you first activate the license, choose to "Use a Web Browser" to activate. Enter A11A11111 instead of the real license. Next go to the NI Product Activation Page. Go through the activation process using the real license on the web page. The web page will generate a 20 digit license to finalize the activation. Once this is done the PC will think that the A11A11111 was the license used to activate and will show that in the splash screen and License Manager.  You can deactivate and the only thing that will remain is the A11A11111 license, which won't activate without the 20 digit license.


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