Why Can't I Use a PXI 252x Cable with a PXI 2530B?

Updated Jul 12, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-2530B
  • PXIe-2526

Issue Details

I have cabling and accessories for a PXI 252x module, but they are not shown as supported accessories under the PXI 2530B. Why is this?


The PXI 2530B uses a different connector than the PXIe 252x devices. You can see in Cable and Accessory Guide for Multiplexer Switch Modules the 2530B uses an LFH 160 pin connector, while the 252x devices use a DIN 160 pin connector.

Additional Information

If you need a connectivity solution not covered by the accessories we provide for the PXI 2530B, you can consult the NI Switch Mating Connectors for Custom Solutions for Cables guide for information related to creating your own solution.