Renamed LabVIEW FPGA Project Resource Recovery

Updated Apr 23, 2018

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  • sbRIO-9605

Issue Details

I changed the name of a resource (Analog Input 1, for example) in my LabVIEW FPGA project. Now I am not sure which input/output on my device I am accessing. How can I recover what channel the name corresponds to? For example, if I rename Mod1/AI0 to voltage, how can I recover this?


If you open up your project explorer window in LabVIEW, you should see a tree structure for your project. Navigate to the RT Target, and then to the Chassis, and finally to the FPGA target. If you expand your FPGA Target, you will see a list of input and output.

For example, if you renamed resource Dev1/AI0 to voltage, it will show up as voltage (Dev1/AI0). Thus, you can discern that the variable voltage corresponds to the analog input zero on Dev1 (the device named 'Dev1' in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer).

Additional Information

As for figuring out which pin is which in a particular device, you can refer to the device's datasheet, which you can find by a simple search. For example, to find the datasheet for the NI 9201, you can search Google for NI 9201 Datasheet.


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