How Can I Deploy My VeriStand Project Programmatically?

Updated Apr 14, 2023

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I want to deploy a System Definition File (SDF) from VeriStand without doing so manually from the project. Is there some way I can automate the deployment of the SDF from another application?


With the NI VeriStand .NET API you can programatically choose a computer to serve as the gateway system to deploy a SDF which can also be defined programatically. The following example program shows the use of this API to deploy an SDF from LabVIEW .
An example for ANSI C is avaible in the documentation for the API which can be found with the documentation of the API, which is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\VeriStand 2017\Help, in the Execution API Programming Concepts section.

Additional Information

For the .NET API to work and to succesuflly deploy the SDF it is necessary for VeriStand to already be running on the computer that will serve as the gateway before the commands to deploy are sent.