Why Does Result of the Array to Cluster Function Always Have Nine Elements?

Updated Jul 27, 2020

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I am converting from an array to a cluster in LabVIEW using the array to cluster function. However the resulting cluster always has nine elements, even when the input array had more or less elements.

I even transformed back to an array and measured the size of the array, using the array size function, and got that the size is nine.

Why is this happening?


When creating a cluster, you have to specify right from the start the number of elements in the cluster. This applies also to transforming an array to a cluster.

By default the cluster size in the array to cluster is of 9 elements. You can modify this size by right clicking the array to cluster function and then selecting cluster size.

For more information on the array to cluster function refer to the help document for this function. 

Additional Information

The size of a cluster can not be modified in run time, it is set right from the creation of a cluster.