High-Speed Serial Protocol Compatibility

Updated Oct 1, 2018

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  • PXIe-6592
  • PXIe-6591


  • LabVIEW Instrument Design Libraries for High Speed Serial Instruments

Issue Details

What protocols am I able to test with NI High Speed Serial devices? 


The table below lists the various protocols that can be implemented on NI High Speed Serial devices. In addition to existing protocols, it is also possible to implement custom protocols with NI High Speed Serial devices. To check if our devices are electrically compatible with your custom protocol, please reference the device specifications document. 

In the table below, the first column include items where a reference design exists in the form of LabVIEW sample projects. Items in the middle columns mean that IP exists for the protocols, and NI devices are electrically compatible, but we have not implemented it in LabVIEW so there are no existing LabVIEW sample projects. The items in the last column are not electrically compatible with our High Speed Serial devices. 

Existing LabVIEW Sample ProjectXilinx IP but no LabVIEW Sample Project3rd party IP other than XilinxNot Compatible
Xilinx Aurora 64b66b (HSS 14.0 and later)SDISFPDPMIPI
Xilinx Aurora 8b10b (Link to Example)40G EthernetV-by-OneUSB
10GbE (HSS 15.5 and later)DisplayPortFibre ChannelPCIe
Gigabit Ethernet (HSS 16.1 and later)XAUI CSI-2
CPRI (Example Only Compatible with LabVIEW 2014)Interlaken D-PHY
JESD204B (Link to Example)   
Serial RapidIO (Link to Example)