Does NI Sell A Backshell Compatible with Orange 24 Pos Spring Terminals?

Updated Apr 19, 2018

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  • C Series Accessories

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I recently purchased a C Series module like the NI 9235 which was shipped with the new style spring terminal. This terminal has 24 channels, orange buttons and is slightly taller than the previous version, the NI 9966. I use the NI 9965 backshell strain relief modules which are not compatible with this new spring terminal.

Does NI sell backshell strain relief modules for this new spring terminal type? 


As of April 2018, NI does not have a strain relief option for these new 24 Pos spring terminals. This is likely to change in the future, however there is no official timeline on when these will be available. 

If you require strain relief modules, continue to use both the NI 9966 and NI 9965.


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