LabVIEW FPGA VI Re-Compiles in Spite of Having Bitfile in LabVIEW Project

Updated May 31, 2018

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  • LabVIEW FPGA Module

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I have a LabVIEW FPGA bitfile compiled in my LabVIEW project and I am running this bitfile from my LabVIEW host VI. Despite having this bitfile in my project, LabVIEW tries to re-compile the VI. Why is this so?


Typically the "Open FPGA VI" is used to create a reference of the FPGA VI in the host PC. This reference can be obtained in a number of ways, as outlined in the Configure Open FPGA VI Reference Dialog Box.

If the VI option is selected, the FPGA VI will re-compile if any functional changes are made after the previous compilation of the FPGA VI. 

In order to run the FPGA bitfile, right click the "Open FPGA VI" and select Configure Open FPGA VI reference. In the configuration window, select bitfile option, by clicking on the corresponding radio button, and browse for the desired bitfile.


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