Implementing Parallel Remote Subsequences in TestStand

Updated May 18, 2018

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I want to run TestStand on a main computer which launches TestStand sequences on remote computers. I want all of the remote machines to be running in parallel. Each of the remote computers is communicating with its own independent set of test equipment. 


To run multiple tests at the same time the Batch or Parallel process model should be used. See these links to the Batch and Parallel process models for more information on their specific functionality.

Here are some guidelines to incorporate the execution of multiple remote machines at the same time.
  1. To create a sequence call that calls into a remote computer place a Sequence Call in the Main VI.
  2. In the Modules settings tab of the Sequence Call, select Use Remote Computer in the Execution Options drop down.
  1. In the Sequence Call Advanced Settings  button the Remote Host can be specified
    • The remote host can be selected by either an expression or by browsing for the host.
  2. Use the Expression option to programmatically select the host computer to execute the Sequence Call.
    • By changing the expression based on the socket number being executed, a different remote module can be specified as the host. This will allow a different remote machine to be used for each device under testing. You can use the expression RunState.TestSockets.MyIndex to track the socket currently in execution.

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