How Can I Distinguish Ports 1-8 On a Serial to DB9 Cable

Updated Apr 23, 2018

Reported In


  • VHDCI Connector
  • PCIe-8431/8


Cable Assembly, 68 POS, VHDCI-Eight 9 POS D-SUB, RS485 Part number 197546-01    

Issue Details

The serial cable that comes with my PXI-8431/8 (part number 197546-01) breaks out to 8 DB9 connectors. The DB9 connectors are not labeled with the associated serial port. How does someone visually identify the 1 thru 8 serial ports? Can the serial port numbers be determined by the cable breakout at the VHDCI connector? 


The port numbers for cables we distribute are molded onto one side of the connector; these should be used to distinguish the 8 ports.