Can I Trigger an Event with a cDAQ Module that Does Not Have Hardware Timing?

Updated May 10, 2018

Issue Details

A cDAQ module I am looking at says it cannot be used for triggering signals. What does this mean and what can I expect when using software timed triggers?


Some of the specification sheets will say a statement similar to the following.
  • In a CompactDAQ chassis, you can use the NI‑9403 only as a static (software-timed) digital I/O module. You cannot use these modules to route timing or triggering signals.
  • The update/transfer time is valid when the module is used in a CompactRIO system. When used in other systems, driver software and system latencies impact this time
This means that you can only used software timed triggers on this module. Hardware timing is more accurate because it uses a physical on board clock. The software timing is dependent on PC performance. Software timed update rates will not have a specification in NI documentation.


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