Error Code -1074388990/ 0xBFF62002 with NI-CAN

Updated May 2, 2023

Reported In


  • USB-8473


  • NI-CAN

Issue Details

I get error -1074388990/ 0xBFF62002 when using NI-CAN or whenever I do a self-test in NI MAX. The self-test used to successfully pass, how should I proceed?


The nican.h file lists -1074388990/ 0xBFF62002 (in NI-CAN 1.6 or later) as a driver specific error. This error indicates that there has been an internal error at the driver level.

First make sure that you are not using any CAN Objects or unsupported Frame API Functions, as described in this document: Which NI-CAN Frame API Functions does the NI USB-847x Device Support?

If you need to use a channel database or the Channel API you can use the CAN Frame to Channel Conversion Library.

If you are not using any of these elements, you might have a problem with the card or the installation of the driver.
  • Perform a self-test on the device in Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX). Ensure that the device is properly connected to the computer, disconnect and then reconnect the device.
  • Determine if the error code occurs in other VIs. Run an example program (Help>>Find Examples), or write a simple piece of code to reproduce the problem. 
  • Install the Latest NI-CAN device driver  and put your card in a different PCI slot this time. Run the NI MAX Self Test, before you run the code again.
  • If you still see the problem, search your computer for the NicanErr.txt file. This file helps the NI Support to determine the root cause of your problem. Normally you can find the file in your <National Instruments>\NI-CAN\bin folder. Then, call National Instruments for technical support.

Additional Information

Sometimes it helps to reset the NI-CAN card by running the CAN Self Test (you might have to close down your programming environment) in Measurement & Automation Explorer. You can also reset the NI-CAN card by holding Shift + CTRL and right-clicking on the card in Measurement & Automation Explorer. Now, there will be a Reset Card option displayed. If you choose this option and confirm the following dialog, the entire CAN card will be reset. After the card is reset rerun the code. Does the error occur again? If it always occurs, is it always at the same place? Run your program in debug and single-step mode and determine where the error is occurring.