Including a MAX Hardware Configuration File in a LabVIEW Installer

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)
  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module

I have a pre-existing Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) hardware configuration file (.nce) and I want to build an installer that includes this file.

The configuration wizard only lets me create a new configuration file, how do I use my existing file instead?

This functionality is not natively built into LabVIEW so to achieve this you must create a "dummy" configuration file, then replace it with the desired configuration file and build the installer. To do so:
  1. Right-click on your LabVIEW Installer in the Build Specifications and select Properties
  2. Select the Hardware Configuration category
  3. Check the Include hardware configuration from MAX checkbox
  4. Click the Configure... button to launch the Configuration Export Wizard
  5. Pres the ... button next to the Export to file field to give the file a unique name and location
  6. Once you have selected the file name, click Next >
  7. Select any device to export
  • It does not matter what is selected, because we are just creating a dummy file at this point  
  1. Click Export >
  2. Click Finish
  3. Open the folder where your configuration file was created.  Make a note of the file name and delete the file. 
  4. Move the desired configuration file to this folder and rename it to match the name of the dummy configuration file
  5. Build your installer, and the pre-existing configuration file will now be added to the installer