Transferring Permissions to Licenses That Do Not Match New Agreement Licenses

Updated May 5, 2023

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

While installing a new license file in Volume License Manager (VLM) I receive a message saying:

The following licenses from your old agreement license file do not have an exact match in your new agreement license file

It is then asking me to review the licenses for which I need to transfer permissions.

What does this mean?


This message is due to a change of software included in your license file. If the change was not requested then this may be due to the migration of Developer Suites to Software Suites. The Agreement License File Installation Wizard will allow you to remove the permissions settings associated with the old software, or transfer them to associate with a new software. You will be allowed to transfer permissions for each license individually.

  • Developer Suite with FPGA and Real Time migrates to NI Embedded Control and Monitoring Suite

  • Developer Suite or Developer Suite Core migrates to Multi-IDE Suite
  • Developer Suite All Inclusive or Developer Suites with Several Developer Suite Options migrate to the Software Platform Bundle
  • Developer Suite with FPGA, Real Time and Real Time Testing and HIL Simulation Option to NI VeriStand Full Development License
In the case where you removed a license from your volume license, you would choose to Remove all permissions assigned to this license.

In the case where you may have lost a license and don't have a direct replacement for the software, reach out to to go about adding the software back to your volume license agreement.

Additional Information

If you had a Volume License Agreement with NI that included the Developer Suite, you will have it migrated to the new software suites. This change applies also to suites not using a server (and the Volume License Manager) to activate.

If you have an Enterprise Agreement (EA), it is likely you can get the exact licenses added to a new volume license file to prevent any complications with transferring. Active EA holders may contact for assistance with this change.