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Can't Find NI-DAQmx Examples for LabWindows/CVI

Updated Jul 28, 2023

Reported In


  • LabWindows/CVI


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I want to see a NI-DAQmx example project for LabWindows/CVI, but when I open the NI Example Finder and search for NI-DAQmx examples, it only shows the "counter measurements" folder.
Where can I find more examples?


In order to have all the NI-DAQmx examples showing in the LabWindows/CVI example finder, it is necessary to include support for LabWindows/CVI in the process of installing NI-DAQmx.

Situation 1. If you are installing NI-DAQmx on your computer for the first time:
  1. Run the NI-DAQmx installer setup.exe file as an administrator. Select Custom installation when prompted, and click Next.
  1. In the Features tree, expand Application Development Support, and add LabWindows/CVI Support.
  1. Click Next to go to the Selection Confirmation screen, and click Next again to complete the installation. 
  2. After installation, open LabWindows/CVI and click on Find Examples, under the DAQmx folder, you should be able to find the examples you need. 

Situation 2. If NI-DAQmx is already installed in your computer:
  1. Go to My Computer»Control Panel»Add or Remove Programs, double click National Instruments Software.
  1. Choose NI-DAQmx ADE Support and select Modify to change the installation.
  1. Next steps are same as Situation 1: add LabWindows/CVI Support in the Features tree, complete the installation, and find examples in LabWindows/CVI.

Additional Information

If you installed NI Package Manager before, it will be a bit different when you modify the NI-DAQmx driver. Please refer the following link for more help: Repair Software In NI Package Manager (NIPM) .