Can I Connect My C Series Modules in a Cascading Configuration?

Updated Apr 18, 2018

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  • C Series Voltage Output Module
  • C Series Current Output Module
  • C Series Relay Output Module

Issue Details

I want to know if I can cascade two or more C Series Modules so I can obtain a higher voltage or current. By placing two outputs in parallel, I should be able to get more current. In series, I should be able to get more voltage. Can this type of configuration be achieved with the C Series modules?


No, this configuration is not recommended in modules of the C Series. The reason is that these modules' outputs are not high-precision, and the slightest difference in their output voltage would cause part of the current of one of the modules go into the output of another one, in the opposite direction than the expected one. This current towards the inside of the module can cause damages to the inner circuitry. Because of this, NI cannot guarantee the well performance of such configuration and it is certainly not recommended.

Additional Information

This technique for increasing voltage and current ranges is only recommended for programmable power supplies, such as the PXI-4110 card, but not for modules of the cDAQ platform.


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