Is There A Demodulated DC Value Output For PXIe-4340?

Updated May 2, 2018

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  • PXIe-4340

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Is there a demodulated dc value output for the PXIe 4340 card? 


No. The PXIe-4340 is an AC LVDT card and provides a sine wave to measure the position between the primary and secondary coil

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Standard AC LVDT card provides a single sine wave to excite the primary coil and measure the two sine waves coming back from the two secondary coils. Before digital signal processing (DSP), analog demodulation blocks were used. These blocks provides a DC voltage output of the demodulated signal, which can be scaled and plotted on a paper plotter. It's then plotted on the screen.

The PXIe-4340 is a standard AC LVDT card and does not follow the old method before DSP.


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