Missing SubVI DAQmx Error While Deploying VeriStand Project

Updated Apr 3, 2019

Reported In


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I deploy my VeriStand project to my Real-Time PXI target, but there is an error in Deploy log containing "Missing subVI DAQmx" error description. I get the same problem with standard shipped examples.
How to resolve this problem?


Based on the eror message DAQmx driver is not installed on your Real-Time target. Install the NI-DAQmx driver using MAX on your Real-Time target to resolve the issue.
  1. Launch MAX and expand Remote Systems to list all RT controllers on your local network.
  1. Select your RT controller from the configuration tree. Right-click the Software tree and select Add/Remove Software.
  1. In order to install DAQmx driver on the RT controller, click the checkbox next to the item NI-DAQmx X.X.X and select Install the Feature, where X.X.X is installed version of DAQmx driver on your PC. Choose the version you wish to install to the RT controller and click Next.