Can I Execute My Model At 1MHz Rate In VeriStand?

Updated Apr 2, 2019

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  • VeriStand

Issue Details

We are exploring a possibility of running a PXI HIL system with our Math Models on 1 MHz Rate. The Math Models are compiled from Matlab/Simulink and describe fully a behavior of a whole simulated system.
Unfortunately, current maximum rate estimation is not higher than 100-150Hz when executing the models on PXIe-8880 controller. Estimation was performed using the Configuration Benchmarking Tool for NI VeriStand.


However it is not possible to run at 1 MHz Rate Primary Control Loop of VeriStand Engine there is a possibility of achieving 1MHz or even more rate of simulation models in HIL systems. FPGA can be used in order to simulate processes with 1 MHz or even higher rate.

VeriStand custom device could load a developed FPGA bitfile and make inputs and outputs available for configuration and execution in VeriStand Engine. Note that a developing custom device for VeriStand is an advanced topic and requires a deep knowledge of Real-Time, FPGA systems and VeriStand Engine.

NI Engine Simulation Toolkit for NI VeriStand is the example of implementing simulation model on FPGA.

Additional Information

If you are going to run your model in real-time, where one second of real life time corresponds to one second of simulation time, then VeriStand should finish all models calculation before next time period will be started, since VeriStand executes one time step of a model each iteration of its Primary Control Loop.
Also it's generally not feasible to run VeriStand much faster than 10-15 kHz even using the current high performance PXIe Controllers generation. The maximum rate depends on complexity of the model, hence the more complex model, the more performance is required from a PXI controller.