What Is Maximum PCL Rate For My Model Execution?

Updated Jun 20, 2023



  • VeriStand

I need to execute my mathematical model and Primary Controller Loop as fast as possible. How can I estimate a maximum possible execution rate of PCL and Model Loops?

In order to to determine the maximum frequency of Primary Control Loop an Model Loop you can increase Target Rate until LP Count, HP Count and Model Count System Channels equal zero and don't increase.
You can use the Configuration Benchmarking Tool for NI VeriStand  to automate increasing Target Rate and verifing that LP Count, HP Count and Model Count System Channels equal zero. The instruction of determing a maximum PCL Rate for with your model is the following:
  1. Download and unzip the utility from the Configuration Benchmarking Tool for NI VeriStand  page
  2. Launch NIVS Benchmarker.exe application
  3. Configure corresponding parameters in Select sys configs Dialog window
    1. Select a directory with *.nivssdf files, that you are going to test with. Each of that System Definition files will be tested to estimate it's maximum PCL Rate.
    2. Set desired PCL Rate into Converge to nearest control box
    3. Set Target IP of your Controller
    4. Choose a Result log file to save a test result
  1. Click OK. After that the NI VeriStand 201X Configuration Benchmarker window is shown and the System Definition files will continuously deploy at different PCL frequencies until the maximum frequency at which the System Channels Counters (HP, LP and Model Counts) equals zero.
  1. Open Max Rate.txt and find Maximum PCL Rate in Hz for every System Definition file