How Can I Unzip NI Software Larger than 4 Gigabytes?

Updated Nov 8, 2023

Issue Details

I am having trouble unzipping files larger than 4 gigabytes. What do I need to do to unzip files over 4 gigabytes?


The Windows Zip utility does not natively support unzipping files greater than 4 gigabytes in the 32-bit versions of Windows operating systems. After downloading the NI software, you will also need to use a third party utility to unzip the file. Two popular third party unzipping utilities for Windows are 7-zip and WinRAR.

Additionally, in order to download files over 4 gigabytes with Internet Explorer, you must use Internet Explorer 8 or later. Please see Related Links for information about downloading large files with Internet Explorer.

Note: When downloading files that are over 4 gigabytes, versions of Internet Explorer that cannot download 4 gigbyte files will not warn the user of the possible corruption of the file and will download the file by leaving out components.