My NI-Motion Application Stops on the Home Switch Even if I Command It Further

Updated May 15, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-7332
  • PCI-7332
  • PCI-7334
  • PXI-7334
  • PCI-7342
  • PXI-7342
  • PCI-7344
  • PXI-7344
  • PXI-7352
  • PCI-7352
  • PXI-7354
  • PCI-7354
  • PXI-7356
  • PCI-7356
  • PXI-7358
  • PCI-7358
  • PCI-7390


  • NI-Motion

Issue Details

I wrote an application that should allow my motor to go past the home switch. However, every time it gets to the home position it stops, regardless of what I command. Why is it doing this and how do I change that? How can I make it go past the home switch?


This behavior is the default behavior which is set in NI-MAX. In order to allow your motor to move past the home switch (unless specifically commanded to go there), you need to click "Disable" for the Home Switch in the Motion IO Settings in NI-MAX. 


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