Can the Nonlinear Curve Be Modified to Handle the Input f(x) Scaled down by 1E-9?

Updated Jun 15, 2018

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  • LabVIEW 2016 Full

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  • Windows

Issue Details

I have been using the Levenburg-Marquardt Alogorithm example in LabVIEW called "Sum of 3 Gaussians with offset fit" to develop my curve fit application.  When I scale the data f(x) by a factor of 1E-9 the Non Linear Curve is no longer able to properly converge and fails to plot the correct curve fit line as shown here.  Can this example program be modified to handle data scaled by this factor?


By default the Non Linear Curve is set to have a tolerance of 1E-8.  If you adjust the tolerance to 1E-12 on the block diagram as shown below it will properly converge data scaled by a factor of 1E-9. Now you can see the curve fit line is applied correctly.


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