Controlling PXI using Laptop Without an ExpressCard Slot

Updated Apr 18, 2018

Reported In


  • ExpressCard-8360
  • PXI-1033
  • PXIe-8301
  • PXI Chassis

Issue Details

I am trying to connect a PXI-1033 with ExpressCard 8360 to my laptop but, being new, my laptop doesn't have a ExpressCard reader slot (34mm card reader slot).

How can I control my PXI chassis with my laptop without an ExpressCard? 
Can I use a USB or Thunderbolt adaptor? 


Using a USB adaptor to connect to the PXI would not work. 

Using a Thunderbolt adaptor may work, but can not be guaranteed and is not supported by National Instruments as the behaviour could be unpredictable.
Users have reported varying levels of success using a thunderbolt adaptor.

If you are attempting to control a PXI Express (PXIe) chassis, as opposed to a PXI chassis, consider the PXIe-8301.
This is a remote control module for laptop control of a PXI Express systems using Thunderbolt 3 technology. 

Note, the PXIe-8301 must be used with a PXIe chassis and is not compatible with PXI chassis. 

Additional Information

For more information on why a USB adaptor would not work, see the community post: MXI over usb 3.0

Using a Thunderbolt adaptor may require the use of a second adaptor, from Thunderbolt 1/2 - Thunderbolt 3, depending on the output of the first adaptor and the port on your laptop. 


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