Error BFF62023 at NI-CAN Configure Network Interface Object with NI-XNET Card

Updated Mar 30, 2023

Reported In


  • PCI-8513
  • PXI-8513
  • PCI-8511
  • PCI-8516
  • PXI-8516
  • PXI-8511
  • NI-9860
  • NI-9861
  • NI-9862


  • NI-CAN

Issue Details

I had a NI-CAN program that worked previously, but am now using newer hardware that is supported by NI-XNET. When I try to run my program, I receive error BFF62023 at the NI-CAN Configure Network Interface Object VI. How can I fix this?


Since you are using hardware supported by NI-XNET, you have to migrate the NI-CAN application to NI-XNET and have two options : Ensure that you can see the device in NI MAX and that your program targets the correct CAN port.