Error -89125 with PXI or PXIe Chassis When Sending Triggers

Updated Dec 7, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-1044
  • PXI-1045
  • PXIe-1065
  • PXIe-1066DC
  • PXIe-1075
  • PXIe-1078
  • PXIe-1088
  • PXIe-1095
  • PXIe-1082

Issue Details

I am trying to synchronize two cards in one PXI or PXIe chassis using a start trigger and am getting the following error.
Error -89125: No registered trigger lines could be found between the devices in the route. If you have a PXI chassis, identify the chassis correctly in MAX, and make sure it has been configured properly.
Why do I get this error and how can I fix it?


This error can occur for multiple reasons. One of those is if you are using a multi-segment chassis and have cards in two different segments. Multi-segment chassis have independent PCI buses for each segment that are not connected to one another by default. To fix this, you can either move the cards that you are trying to synchronize into the same chassis segment or route the trigger between the segments using NI MAX.
The error can also occur if you are using an MXI interface and NI-MAX has not detected the chassis properly. In this situation, since the chassis is not detected, NI-MAX doesn't know how to route the triggers. In order to solve this, follow our documents that troubleshoot MXI connections. For example, MXI-Express Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide.