Difference Between Switching Voltage and Overvoltage Protection

Updated Jun 23, 2018

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  • PXI-2535

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My Switch Module has a maximum switching voltage and an overvoltage protection. What are the implications of going over these specifications? Can I operate at any voltage as long as it doesn't exceed the overvoltage protection?


Switching voltage is the amount of voltage expected on the line when a switch is opened or closed. In general, exceeding this voltage for short periods of time shouldn't damage the board. However, in order to realize the relay life that the module specifies, it is expected that you are operating within the switching voltage specification, so exceeding this will likely reduce the life of switches. The overvoltage protection will be considerably higher than the switching voltage. If the overvoltage protection is exceeded, there is an immediate danger of damaging the board or breaking a switch.


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