Preventing Evaluation License Notification from NI Software

Updated Feb 3, 2020

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  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

I have installed some NI software. It comes with some products that I need, and some that I don't need. I keep getting notifications that the unneeded software is in evaluation mode. Is there a way that I can uninstall the extra software or prevent these notifications?


Some National Instruments products can be individually uninstalled. This article includes instructions on how to do so.

However, some toolkits are included in bigger software packages. For example, all LabVIEW downloads include the toolkits that are usable with LabVIEW professional. If you only have LabVIEW full or base, some of these toolkits will remain unlicensed. While this is expected behavior and cannot be changed, it does mean that you will receive notifications until the evaluation license expires.

One solution is to delete the evaluation license file for the toolkit in question. This article explains that process.