Installers Are Not Available When Using TestStand Deployment Utility

Updated Apr 12, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I want to build an installer that contains TestStand RunTime and my own files.
I utilize the TestStand Deployment Utility in order to select the files I want to add into my installer. 
When I select to include Install TestStand RunTime I receive a message pop-up "Select Source": 
Some installers you selected for this build are not available on this computer. 



The reason you are receiving this message is because the TestStand RunTime installer are not in your computer. 
In order to solve it you will need to connect the installation source (USB, DVD or directory) and choose the media from which you installed the product you choose. 
If you do not have the media source, you will need to reinstall TestStand in order to include the TestStand RunTime source.



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