How Can I Check My NI SSP Expiry Details?

Updated May 31, 2021

The Standard Service Program (SSP) gives users access to the latest software technology through automatic upgrades, to previous versions of NI software, to education resources, and to phone and e-mail support with NI Technical Support Engineers. SSP is available to individuals on single-seat licenses as well as users on volume license and enterprise agreements. Check your SSP status to ensure that you maintain access to the benefits of this program.

To check the status or validity of the SSP, take the following steps:
  1. Visit the Software License Renewal page.
  2. Enter your Serial number  and click on Verify.
  3. Examine the information provided. This will give you the relevant information regarding the SSP details of the serial number that you have entered.

Next Steps

If you determine that your SSP is no longer active and are interested in purchasing or renewing SSP, you can renew your SSP online or contact NI Sales.