Lookup Software Included in NI Serial Number

Updated Nov 27, 2019

Issue Details

  • I inherited some serial numbers and don't know what is included in them. Is there a way for me to look this information up?
  • I don't have the original paperwork for my serial numbers. How can I determine what software is included in them?


To see what your serial number is valid for, you can register it to your ni.com account. This will show you the name of the software or the software suite that is included in the serial number.  If the serial number is for a software suite, the serial number on your NI account will only show the overall name of the suite, and not each piece of software included in that bundle.  To see the software included in each suite, you can use the Compare NI Software Suites article.

Additional Information

If the serial number is for a Developer Suite, there isn't a direct article like the one linked above for the Software Suites.  Instead, the Developer Suite Migration Guide can help determine which Software Suite is closest to your Developer Suite.  The Compare NI Software Suites article linked above can then be used to determine which software is included.