Archived:NI ELVIS III Is Running Out of Memory

Updated Jun 28, 2021

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  • NI ELVIS III Software Bundle

Issue Details

  • My ELVIS III memory is reducing over time
  • My ELVIS III wont turn on after not using for a few weeks.


This issue relates to the use of version 18.x of  NI ELVIS III Software Bundle. To fix this, update the software to version 19.x.

 The procedure for the software update on the ELVIS III will depend on the amount of memory available. This can be checked in System Resources section in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). 

  • For under 10MB of free memory:
  1. Ensure Force Safe Mode is selected in NI MAX under Startup Settings. Then, click Save.
  1. Connect to the device thorugh SSH and make sure to be logged in as admin.
  2. Ctrl+P the following commands, then wait for the reboot to complete.
    nisystemformat -f -t ubifs
         nisystemformat -f -c -t ubifs
  3. Once the reboot is completed, refer to this article for guidance on how to install software on NI ELVIS III.
  • For over 10MB of free memory, the update can be done directly through NI MAX. For that, refer to article linked above for guidance on how to so.