TestStand Sequence Analyzer Doesn't Report Runtime Error

Updated Nov 4, 2019

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

When I run the sequence analyzer in TestStand, it does not report any errors. When I then run my sequence I get a runtime error.

Why does the sequence analyzer not report this error.


The sequence analyzer contains a list of rules and analysis modules to analyze your selected files and generates a message for each issue found. The built-in list of rules, that is shipped with TestStand, is designed to capture common issues and is not designed to be an exhaustive process for all issues.


Additional Information

Read the description of the built-in sequence analyzer rules for a better understanding of their functionality

Custom rules and analysis modules can be created for the sequence analyzer. Refer to the files located in the following directory for examples of custom rules and analysis modules:
<TestStand Public>\Examples\TestStand Debugging Features\Custom Analyzer Rules - <RuleName>