Searching for Possible Property Values in My DataFinder Using DIAdem

Updated May 5, 2023

Reported In


  • DIAdem Professional
  • DIAdem Advanced

Issue Details

I have files with a set of basic or custom properties that will have a specific set of values. Can I retrieve a list of all the possible values for a property in DIAdem?


You can use the Advanced Search in DIAdem Navigator to display the Text Display (DataFinder) dialog box by clicking the "..." button. This dialog box allows you to filter queried property values; in the case of string type properties, it returns all possible values for a given property.

If you intend to use this functionality in a custom property, you will first need to optimize it for DataFinder.

If you intend to automate this process using a script, you can use the GetValueList for IndexedProperty method to retrieve the unique values from a basic or a custom property (previously optimized for DataFinder).

Additional Information

Refer to the Scripting Advanced Search Unique Property Value Queries in DIAdem for a specific implementation example of the GetValueList for IndexedProperty method.